Do you feel like you’ve tried everything-eating healthy food and exercising-but your body doesn’t look like you want it to? Do you feel the way you want to? What you eat is just one piece of the puzzle-this program is not about deprivation, life is meant to be enjoyed! It’s about you taking control and making this the last program you will ever need. Book a Discovery Call and find out what’s getting in your way.

Are you IN? If not now, when? 

This 90-day transformational program will teach you how to kick and manage your cravings so that you can live your best life!

When you book a complimentary Discovery Call, we will start by talking about you. I want to know about you, your struggles and your goals. Once you’re part of the community, you’ll have access to the online portion of the program, the Sugar Freedom Method modules. They are very powerful!

There is an amazing, private Facebook community with like-minded women waiting to help you every step of the way. If that's not enough, I provide you with 1-1 coaching calls and group mentoring where we can talk through the struggles and overcome them together. In this 90-day transformational program you’ll get lifetime access to my online program which includes videos and downloadables to lead you on the path towards your best life!
PLUS you will receive my simple, easy, and healthy recipes for delicious meals (pictures included).

Learn how to overcome those cravings that are driving bad habits.
Healthy Meals 
Choosing meals that are healthful for your body and delicious are key to your success.

With the support  that you need, you will learn how to kick the sugar addiction for good.
A Message from our founder:
“The missing component to getting a flat belly and long-term health is learning to understand and have control over your emotions so that sugar addiction doesn’t have a tight grip on you.”
                                                                       -Jenn Edden

Hi, I'm Landon

Welcome.  I am so excited you're here!

I am a Certified Health Coach using the Sugar Freedom Method and I am a Certified NASM Personal Trainer. I’m also a busy mom with a busy family. 

I have tried ALL the diets and lived in the gym but nothing about my body changed  the way I envisioned. I suffered from intense headaches, low energy, a quick temper, terrible digestive and sleep issues. 

Then my body snapped - literally, What I thought was a simple rotator cuff tear morphed into a systemic issue with all the fascia in my body. I ignored all the warning signs and kept pushing harder and longer to get into shape.

Now, I was limited in the amount of activity I could do - I could barely move without causing pain. I had to figure out alternative therapies as well as a way of eating that felt good and wouldn't pack on the pounds since I couldn't exercise as I did before.  I also needed to figure out why I was in this situation. The Sugar Freedom Method not only healed me but freed me and it can for you too!  Let's hop on a call and see if I can help you be free from sugar and cravings so you can live your best life!
I want you to be at peace with your decisions, your choices, your body, and your mind. 
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You haven’t failed…let’s change that perception!






Invest in yourself….and your LIFE!!!

"You are in control, you just don't know it yet."

- Landon Lowry