"Consistency kicks the ass of everything else- Landon will show you how!" -Deb 


Has belly fat zapped your confidence? Fed up with Paleo. Keto, meal delivery – whatever? Are you secretly worried that your current health with continue to deteriorate?

Watch inches disappear along with brain fog. 

Knee pain, back pain – gone.

Stop wondering why what you're doing isn't working and let me help you get what you deserve: to be happy and healthy, inside and out!

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My 90 day transformational coaching program ends your frustration with your weight, low energy, sleep issues, pain and brain fog. With my coaching program, you will feel more confident, get compliments and have the energy to do what you love with those you love. Learn to live your life on your terms. Enjoy the glass of wine with friends without guilt or shame – celebrate your kiddos cupcake creation.

Fate has brought you here – this is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Let’s get started.

Here is what you will receive:

  •  Lifetime access to online modules that we will integrate into your life at your pace.
  • 1-1 private coaching and weekly calls with me. Yes... you will get my personal cell number!
  • Private Facebook group page to connect with women just like you for even more support.
  • Learn why counting calories, steps, and macros always backfires.
  • Customized coaching for a permanent solution that works for YOU, not your best friend!

Learn how to overcome cravings that are driving bad habits.
Healthy Meals 
Choosing food that works with your body and is delicious is key to your success.

Support that you need to kick cravings for good.

Hi, I'm Landon

Welcome.  I am so excited you're here!

I am a Certified Health Coach using the Sugar Freedom Method and I am a Certified NASM Personal Trainer. I’m also a busy mom with a busy family. 

I want you to be at peace with your choices, your body, and your mind.

Be the joyous, confident woman 
you were meant to be. 


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A Message from our founder:
“The missing component to getting a flat belly and long-term health is learning to understand and have control over your emotions so that sugar addiction doesn’t have a tight grip on you.”
                                                                       -Jenn Edden

"You are in control, you just don't know it yet."

- Landon Lowry